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Makin' good sense, BUT ....

Makin' good sense, BUT ....

I fear it will go like this:

The Feds will NOT become quickly impotent, methinks.

Or at least the centralized power structure / the people who have authority / access to the weapons. They'll likely move over to the corporate security forces mentioned in another poster’s comments. In essence, feds will = corporate servants--as they already do--but it will be blatant. National security will exponentially morph into corporate/elite security--again, a process well underway (and one to which people here have alluded). Certain state governors will be useful pawns in this strategy, too. The governments of what I call "federal lackey states" will sacrifice the freedoms of their residents just for power / to be on the winning team, having been promised federal funding, etc. to get them through these god-awful economic times. (Case in point: observe how state governments have by and large been conditioned to be whores for federal money as things stand now....)

I digress. This will likely happen during a time of overwhelmingly heavy-handed martial law. Staggering. The true controllers of our hijacked government will be full of bluster while we all scramble just to survive. They won't have to hide jack squat anymore, because the few people who pay attention and who are dissentious will have already been targeted and made FEMA campers or likely worse ($385M to Haliburton for jails in '06). Plus, keep in mind, the elite plan a kill-off of the population. This WILL happen (or they'll attempt it in earnest) while they still have all the power. Bioweapons or whatever. One shudders to think. Some semi-fictional towel heads will be accused (Or more effectively, patriot groups will be blamed.). But the proverbial wind must be knocked out of the sails of our citizenry en masse. Bad economy isn't enough; we must be dealt a blow so unimaginably crushing and far-reaching that we will all comply with authority, being literally at their mercy.

The mercenaries will be used in nothing less that corporate-authorized strikes on the masses. Offensive military actions. All will be justified. There will be divided pockets of resistance and little more. Do bear in mind that the internet will be turned off. We will NOT be able to coordinate anything, as we’ve lost the old-fashioned abilities / means to do so. Our analog radio frequencies/channels belong to the government. All will be monitored. Those who resist will be, insofar as news and public awareness are concerned, locally—and very quietly—snuffed out. All stories will be spun by state media.

They're arming up to their eyeballs, and when federal/corporate LE, etc. folk are given the choice between starving like the rest of us or taking their pay and clamping down, they'll choose the latter. They're being conditioned to view patriots & regular ol' American folks as the enemy (I mean, sh*t, there was that FEMA training vid in which the *sshole nazi teacher [who should be publicly hanged for treason] refers to our Founders as "terrorists"!). Millions and millions of rounds... and they will be used by someone. Whether it's Xe / Academi / Blackwater-type organizations, etc. or even foreign troops... it will be nasty.
And frankly, no amount of true patriots now in the ranks will make a difference. They'll be indentified ahead of time (like right NOW on Total Information Awareness / FaceBook, etc.) and removed.

This WILL go down. No amount of awakened protesters in the street will make a difference. Christ, look at NORTHCOM. And all those crowd control weapons systems. And drones over domestic airspace. And chemical scanners on the way. No amount of public political outcry will reverse this. Militia groups will make stands but will be crushed by military might (We don’t have missles or anti-aircraft or gun ships, now do we?). The elite are going to FIGHT to the DEATH for what they want; they've waited generations for this moment. That's why it is called ENDGAME. Perhaps the only chance we have to curb it is to literally carry out hits on those elites and people in control, at the very top, whom we can identify. And fast--before their security becomes completely impermeable. But who among us wants to do that?! It's insane! [And I'll probably get "Raubed" for saying it, too.... bye, y'all! TO GOV'T MONITOR: SWORN DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ADVOCATING THIS, NOR WILL I ACT IN ANY SUCH MANNER! I AM PEACEFUL AND LAW-ABIDING (unlike you).] Plus, there are hundreds of them--or more? A couple thousand? When the first few get whacked, they'll circle the wagons and crack down. They're ready for this, too, you see. They're steps and steps ahead of us (Ha! And they’ve used OUR money to get there, too. Ain’t that a Bee!).

I had heard stories about the possibility of good patriot infiltrators trying to recapture control of our government… coinciding with something about Tesla-esque free energy being made available, but I regret to say I don't think they are true. I mean, WTF?! It's getting too late in the game to do anything. The time to act has nearly come & gone already. So sadly I don't believe we can count on any internal coup which reinstates the Republic in any way resembling a semi-peaceful transfer of power... as much as I wish it would happen.

The best efforts will be merely reactionary. There will be much suffering.

Too much writing, and sorry to be negative. I want nothing more than to be utterly proven wrong! And I will not give in or give up; au contraire, I’d rather jump into a pit of fire than submit… but it terrifies me that I will have the opportunity… because it will definitely be like a pit of fire.

What would the Founders do?