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What Candidates Want Vs What They Will Do

Some candidates may want purple polka-dots on vehicles; does that mean you would not vote for them because of it?

For example: Legalizing gay marriage is an issue for Congress, not the president. It is irrelevant to his qualifications as president as a practical matter. The best thing about it is that it tells us why he wants it: from a belief that it is a constitutionally guaranteed right.

I think you must do your homework and vote for the man you think best represents what you want. Most people in the country won't, however, find Virgil Goode on their ballots at all.

The LP works with alternative parties, in all states, to improve ballot access for the benefit of all voters. I see a vote for the LP candidate as a way to support that effort, almost no matter who the candidate is (even a vote for Bob Barr made a better statement than voting for McCain or Obama).

Unless you're worried the LP candidate might actually win...

What do you think?