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Comment: I have no idea what to say

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I have no idea what to say

I have no idea what to say about your wife. My husband passed and I could see us not agreeing on some of these points too.....though he was quite the conspiracy theorist himself and generally he trusted my view on things, especially with the kids. But as far as Halloween, and such.........WHY is Halloween such a big deal to Americans anyway? I despise this holiday. I think it is forced up on us by consumerism and peer pressure to fit in. Why do my children need to eat a bunch of junk food? Why do I need to waste hundreds on costumes, candy, etc... for one freezing night of walking around and collecting sugary crap I don't want them to have anyway? When I think of traditions I want my children to carry on, and that I want to carry on with them, they are more centered around eating dinner together, making dinner together, gardening, and working as a unit. Spending time together, learning sports together. On and on the list goes. What good traits/traditions is Halloween passing down through history?