Comment: Don't give up on her. *We*

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Don't give up on her. *We*

Don't give up on her. *We* have the advantage now because it's not just one or two questionable things going on anymore..."GMO, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, 9-11, coming dollar and financial collapse, etc, etc, etc..." You said a lot right there. Take your pick. Pick the one issue that she is LESS emotional about and start there. I've found that once a person doubts the official story on any one of these issues, the easier it is to start a discussion on others. You don't have to convince her on any of it in a single day, just stop fighting about it and allow discussion. I'm convinced that even the average person with an iphone shoved up their nose 24/7 and heavily dosed with antidepressants still instinctively knows that things are waaaaay off in this country. Just prepare and keep talking and as things begin to unravel further, she will remember what you've been talking about.
Also, try to have conversations about these matters with someone else besides your wife while she's within earshot. Sometimes difficult topics are better listened to when the listener is not in the hot seat. I promise you that a rational, intelligent conversation going on in the kitchen will be processed in the living room.
Your post makes me want to go home and thank my husband for going through this process with me and not against me. I can't imagine what life would have been like this past year fighting with him every day.
Best of luck to you.