Comment: Say hello to your wife for me,

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Say hello to your wife for me,

I am a 58 year old woman, who raised 6 children, and now have 21 grandchildren. My children, when they were old enough, realized that we were different (ie:made homemade bread with home ground flour, didn't do Halloween, only ate sugar on birthdays (although they thought we should celebrate all the many cousin's birthdays too) and many other things, homeschool, etc.) When they grew up, they all thanked me. After the first two being immunized, and being sick their early childhood a lot, the last four were never immunized and were rarely ever sick. None of the grandchildren are immunized, and they are the healthiest bunch. Beg her not to feed the children gmo and hfcs, as I have seen what it does to other people. (I get ill if I even eat a little).