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GOOD LUCK TO YOU rudy's_fire!!!

I'm doing what I can to help liberty candidate Dan Roberts CA dist 2 become our congressman. I don't post much about Dan here, because as you have witnessed, and I agree, many here are neglecting liberty candidates, especially if they are RepubliCAN for the presidential horse race.

Yet, this is a perfect time for you to make your issues heard, reflect them on the presidential debates. Too many candidates talk about the powers that be, and neglect to inform us what they can and will do based on the debates and what they learned.. like when Romney says he'll make medicare a state issue.. what will you do for the state to fill that gap? These are the answers people are now seeking.

I hope you are reaching out to your central committee, women's groups, like Republican Womens Association, RP Meet-up, Women's leaque of voters, the radio, the local TV and promoting your issues and solutions, asking for debates, and going to community events, local frateral organizations and talking with people.

Your post is TRUTH. I appreciate that, and your standing up to lead in this good fight to restore America. GOD BE WITH YOU and GOOD LUCK!