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You Are the One who is Wrong here

I remember those "dollars" ..... They had a red seal on them. And Kennedy was using Treasury notes no interest to the American People. He put 4 billion into circulation and that was a lot of money in 1963.

It was one of the reasons he was killed.

Here are the other three.

2) He was reigning in the CIA
3) He was not going to allow Israel to have nuclear weapons
4) He was not going to war in Viet Nam.

So he pissed off the Big Boys.........Banksters, CIA, Zionism, and the Military Industrial Complex (Pentagon).........and they killed him.

And they also killed RFK and JFK jr. so that neither of them could become president and open up the files. Which was exactly what they had planned to do.

Wake up and stop buying their crap. Anyone with a IQ higher than room temperature can see through this.

Once a president is assassinated in broad daylight on national t.v. it sent a message to all others who came after him.

For me, he was the last decent president America has had.

You still buying that stupid loan wolf theory.....that it was Oswald?

Seems to me you need to do a little research. Also read history down through the ages .....assassinations happened all the time.