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A few

weeks ago when there was still a slim chance of getting him on the "L" ticket with GJ, I got some inside info from one of the family members.

The impression I got from the information I received was that RP feels like Mittens is going to lose. RP didn't want himself and us to be set up as the scapegoats for the GOP loss. Plus there were supposedly some money concerns. I also got the impression that he was extremely disgusted with how things went in Tampa and had a bad taste in his mouth for the whole rotten process.

I personally wish he would have made plans to run independently ahead of time, because of the treatment in Tampa and throughout the campaign should have been expected. He could have easily said "I didn't leave the GOP. The GOP left me" and he would have been correct (and justified imo).

I also think at one point he didn't want to jeopardize the positions supporters had worked for in their respective GOP circles. His son becoming a Senator may have played a role as well, along with JB possibly looking out for his own career rather than fighting the good fight no matter what.

I truly felt that this was America's last chance to get it right, and that it was RP's destiny. I was realistic about the level of corruption and dark embedded powers we were going up against, but still felt like all of RP's life experiences had led up to this moment and that hopefully the American people would see past the MSM deception and come our way. It's hard for me not to be disappointed.