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Take heart

A lot of us here are going through the same thing. I'm practically being disowned by my in-laws who think I've gone off the deep end. I'm finding it hard to paste on a smile. Yet, I know my husband works hard all day and it would be really nice to come home to a cheerful wife (unlike the gloom-n-doom wife I've been lately).

I'll just repeat some of the same sentiments that have already been said here: enjoy time with your family and don't forget that no one can handle a steady diet of hard-hitting truth without a break once in a while. Even though my mother and father in-law will probably never be won over, my husband, slowly but surely, is coming around as I give him a little here, a little there. If I notice resistance I try to lay off and give him his space. Usually, after a while, he'll start asking honest questions about what I shared if I've tried to show him some respect.

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