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Comment: Think you're paranoid now? Go watch "Genetic Roulette"

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Think you're paranoid now? Go watch "Genetic Roulette"

My wife and I are big natural/foodie advocates and this GMO stuff is TERRIFYING. And its all the direct result of massive agricultural corporations like Monsanto buying out Washington DC so their toxic products remain on the market. They've been poisoning us for decades and Americans are finally waking up to the truth. It's mind-blowing when you start learning what they've done to our food supply. Animals fed GMO grain had higher smaller babies with higher death rates, and the offspring were sterile within 2-3 generations. That's why GMO labeling initiatives like Prop 37 in California are so critical. If CA can force Monsanto to label GMO foods (like Monstanto is required to do everywhere else in the world EXCEPT the US) then other states will follow and the gig will be up. If the public outcry is loud enough and people start avoiding GMO's, the companies will adapt. Its all about money and if they will produce what the people WILL buy. If you or your kids have allergy issues, gut problems, autism spectrum, fertility issues, etc. PLEASE look into the GMO issue and at least try going on an organic AND GMO-free diet. If nothing changes, you can go back to eating what you want if you wish.