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Thanks so much man. Yeah, I'm

Thanks so much man. Yeah, I'm completely focused on the local issues at hand and approaching them from a liberty standpoint. I'm in three public debates. The town knows about me because I ran in the June primary and lost by 1% (I'm back in as the endorsed state house candidate because one guy resigned). It's just hard to get volunteers, even Ron Paulers excited/motivated. If there was some national PAC dedicated to state level politics in every state, that would be fantastic. I bought an ad on here and highlighting our state's 1.6 billion surplus naively thinking it would be a big help, but it hasn't worked.

Despite having very little money and being outfunded perhaps 10 to 1, I still get a good reception from people in my district though and all it takes is 2,700 votes to win, so who knows :)