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I have been following and researching the Kennedy assassination for over 40 years. Was privy to seeing the full Zapruder film prior to it finally being released.
This is rather interesting as I had not known of it in specific detail. Definitely was one more reason why "they" had to take JFK out.
Kennedy was going to take this country "back", the shadow government, CIA, Bankers, CFR, Military Industrial Complex, etc. were going to be thrown out the window by Kennedy. He was a marked man on account of that, sad he didn't take the threat to his personal well being to a heightened level. Prior to going to Dallas, he was to go to Chicago, but the Secret Service caught wind of an assassination attempt there, actually had 2 people associated with the planned hit under observation and then lost them. The trip to Chicago was cancelled with the announcement JFK was ill. Some say these same 2 people then moved on to Dallas for the next attempt. This was no amateur deal, they had mutiple contingencies set up.
"They" hated the Kennedys, and made sure that none of them after JFK could even get close to the Presidency, RFK, JFK.Jr (his plane did not go down by accident, a few weeks prior to the crash, it got leaked out that JFK.JR was planning to run for President and if he won would reopen the JFK assassination)
Anway, it is all out there, the truth that is. Piece it all together, books, researchers, etc., and it is clear what happened. If the truth ever became viral, it would set this country free I believe. But, it will be 50yrs. this November, and so many new generations don't even know about Kennedy. This was their plan, over time those who know will die off, and the "new" generation won't even know about it.