Comment: tons of great advice in this thread. We are so

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tons of great advice in this thread. We are so

lucky to accept a philosophy that is pure positivity. While everyday events are scary to the max, we know there are life/liberty/peace-enhancing solutions to every man-made problem.

But we need to avoid the common statist mistake: taking the "easy" out, advocating coercion for every problem rather than the subtler and more effective slow peaceable solution of voluntarism. Parents have ultimate authority and power over their kids and a similar temptation as statists to use that power for fast, superficial results.

I unevenly practiced libertarian parenting and still regret every instance when I "pulled rank" instead of finding creative albeit difficult agreement with my kids to resolve differences. Now my children are both in their 20s, very independent.

On the plus side I'm the first one they consult on all health issues now -- and my husband too though during our early parenting years we had extreme disagreements. So long term,if you consistetly supply good advice and factual information they will come around even though in the short term family members may oppose you.

For a time one of my children even rebelled and used dangerous substances beyond mere food choices. But now the same child comes to me for every question about how to keep my grandchild healthy.

On creativity: I encouraged vigorous trading of Halloween trick-treat stuff -- first trading among peers for their favorites; then I made an offer each of my children chose to accept: they kept a small quantity of their very favorite treats, then traded the rest with me, for an item or even cash they saw was a better deal than a huge stash of stale commercial candy.

For Easter, (we celebrated Spring Equinox) I made beautiful spring basket planted with little flowers such as Johnny Jump-Ups, pretty little herbs etc and hid colored eggs plus small fruit treats, coconut treats, and a couple of excellent and beautiful chocolate truffles --emphasizing the positives again, quality over sugar schlock. Take a page from Japanese presentation: a lot can be achieved with beauty over quantity.

With a few special, quality treats (dark chocolate is even considered healthy by many experts) holiday tradition and creative ceremony can help make any time memorable and happy.

Finally (sorry to go on at length but this subject is so important for changing to a positive culture of liberty and peace) check out the excellent series of videos by Molyneaux on peaceful parenting: Stefan and his forum community are forging the frontiers of parenting without coercion and enjoyable lovely results.