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Roger Stone

So what is the basis for Karl Denninger’s attack on Roger Stone? He’s calling Stone a disrupter and a sell-out comparing Stone to Jesse Benton. I was following the Ron Paul campaign and saw nothing about Roger Stone disrupting any event. The GOP and Paul’s supporters did a fine job doing that on their own. Now, as to Stone’s comment that Denninger quoted, "I’m not concerned about Gary Johnson becoming president in the 2012 election,” Denninger got it wrong (intentionally wrong I would suggest). I know for a fact that Roger Stone was committed to Gary Johnson’s campaign. In the face of overwhelming odds, Stone joined the campaign to bring awareness and legitimacy to the Libertarian party’s Liberty Agenda. And to force the inclusion of third party candidates in the political process. These wannabees like Denninger would like to have the fame - or notoriety, whichever way you want to look at it - that Roger Stone has.