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you better hope you are not

you better hope you are not voting for other folks on your ballot most states when you write-in a uncertified candidate will invalidate your whole ballot, so your basically not voting for any local races or state when you write in ron paul, good luck not having your whole ballot counted as they invalidate your ballot when you write-in an uncertified candidate unless you live in maine or a state that actually tallies these votes, dem and republican lawyers will love you because they will invalidate your ballot if you write in an uncertified candidate. but your a brick wall who cares.

write-in folks shouldn't bother voting since a majority of states will invalidate your whole ballot. so unless you plan on writing in ron paul and not voting for other candidates in your local/state election. your wasting your own time. the dems and republicans cannot wait ti invalidate your ballot when you write in ron paul . has your state certified ron paul yet as a write in? if not your wasting your time,my time and ron paul's time.

go ahead and write-in ron paul if only a feelgood motion that will never be tallied!plus you risk invalidating all your votes from local to state as well. yeah that will show them!!

Ron Paul 2016