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More pseudoscience bogus crap from Mike Adams

Glutamate is an amino acid that is in practically everything. It has been used as food enhancer and studied for 100 years and there is no evidence demonstrating that it is not safe. The fear is based on nothing. If you eat too much of course it will cause negative health effects. If you eat too much salt it has physiological consequences. If you drink too much water it has negative effects. He is fear mongering and pushing his natural agenda and people are lapping it up.

Why is it that Mike Adams and Natural News are the ONLY SOURCES ever cited?

X is so bad! Here is the proof! (It's a Mike Adams article)
Y is dangerous. Here is the proof! (Mike Adams again)
Z is poisoning the public! Here is the proof (Mike Adams again).

What is with you people and this snake oil salesman? Why do so people trust his propaganda like it is the word of God?

Am I the only one who is aware that he is mostly full of shit?