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My wife moved out

and divorced us. Over food. She wants her refined carbs and that is about all she eats. It's like a drug. Brings pleasure. And like a drug if you don't get a constant supply you get anxious, sore, insomnia, etc. And like an addict she blames something other than her preoccupation with junk food. Yes she is a democrat too. Lost 2 sisters to cancer and yes they were junk food junkies too.

So I make alliances with none. No processed foods. GMO or otherwise. GMOs could be a problem and I'm almost certain that the gluten and mycotoxins present in grains are. I eat no wholewheat anything. No crackers, pasta, chips, bagels or any other processed food. No candy at Halloween or otherwise. No soda with sugar or HFC. No caffeine and no cereal.

I eat fats in bone broth, coconut oil, butter. Protein from animal meats and eggs and well steamed low carb vegetables.

I know what you are thinking and I have read some of the other comments and you can try 2 things. 1)Look carefully at the package of refined foods and look for fat and protein (both important)content and look for vitamins and minerals. 2)try going without refined foods for 3 days and watch what happens. You will probably be climbing the wall after 1 day. It's an addiction. And addiction lead to crashes.

I wish I had some advice for those households at odds with the food thing. Myself and 2 daughters have had significant changes for the better related to our health.

Good Luck