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Freedom PAC

Here in CA we have CA Freedom PAC..

Three public debates is awesome! This is a difficult election, few have money, some of us are focused on one or two candidates.. the CA GOP candidate for senate is hurting in a big way.. we had a luncheon for her EMKEN.. (not a liberty candidate) There must have been 2 dozen people at $16.00 a plate.. and people were not making contributions.. I gave her $20.. for gas money.. that is how bad it is.. and she's on the ballot ip againt inbedded Feinstein, who refuses to debate her... and that's all she talks about. I told her in front of everyone, she says FEINSTEIN too much.. it's like her whole campaign is "I', not Feinstein". She makes Feinstein look good.. and that's not good. There were some rich people there.. and they didn't chip in... she does not inspire.

I'm rooting for you.. sorry you didn't live closer.. I would help you! YOU ARE NOT ALONE even when it feels like it. ROCK ON RUDY!

WE ARE WINNING because of patriots like YOU!