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Comment: Are you insane?

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Are you insane?

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. We were kick in the you-know-what in Tampa. Gary Johnson is the only Liberty candidate. Many of my friends are telling me to "write in" Ron Paul, but I feel that those will never be counted. Reality is that a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Liberty. Ron Paul supporters like myself should get behind Gary Johnson.

As for Roger Stone, he seem so be a sharp guy and is trying to advance Gary Johnson who will help out the Liberty movement. I am tired of personalities dictating who, what, how the the Liberty Movement operates.

Why couldn't Ron Paul speak at Paul Fest? I was told that Ron Paul manager doesn't like people who set up the event, even though they did it for Liberty!

When QE$ comes, thank the jerks that spend more time throwing rocks at the liberty movement than tyranny.