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Perhaps it depends on the

Perhaps it depends on the child or there somehow must be more to it than that.. As a kid, I was never allowed soda. I was told it wasn't good for me. I listened to my parents. To this day, I don't drink soda. I think it's disgusting to drink a strange unnatural chemical. Water or fresh juice for me. I'm glad I was raised this way; it's probably saved a lot of weight off my frame that I might otherwise have had I been a soda drinker (I do have other food issues..and I love coffee). It's funny because people try to force soda on me as a joke and will swap out my drink so I drink it on accident. I can't even swallow it, I have to spit it out. When someone tries to get me to drink soda I like to ask them, "What IS soda? What are you even drinking?" I'm raising my 7-year-old the same way. She is not allowed soda and she has never cared to drink it. I'm hoping she thinks it tastes gross too since she's never had a chance to develop a liking for it. She also loves broccoli and veggies and plenty of natural things since that's all she's ever ever had. I really don't think it's about being "over-protective."