Comment: Homeopathic medicine for the most part is not effective

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Homeopathic medicine for the most part is not effective

And not based on scientific evidence beyond the placebo effect. I will admit that certain aspects of homeopathic medicine have merit, but much of it makes no sense and has no plausible mechanism of action. When homepathic techniques are demonstrated to be biologically active and clinically effective, they simply become incorporated as medicine. There is no Rockefeller coordinated conspiracy. There are literally tens of thounsands (maybe hundreds) of different scientists and physicians doing biomedical research.

Burynski is intriguing, but no one else has been able to replicate his clinical findings. Contrary to what many people in the alternative medicine culture seem to think, not every scientistist is a puppet for the NWO.

Duesberg is full of shit. HIV was not a manmade virus. It is impossible because it would mean that teams of scientists would have to have been decades ahead of the rest of the world in technology and pull of a scientific feat that has never occured except for this. Just because it is an alternative viewpoint doesn't make it correct.

I oppose much of the alternative medicine being thrown around here because most of it is unscientific, paranoid gibberish.