Comment: There are 36 registered third parties

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There are 36 registered third parties

The most popular third parties run Republican or Democratic Party nominees.. for example GJ a life long Republican accepted the LP nomination.. he;s still a Republican.

Ralph Nader, who never belonged to any party made three presidential runs to open debates and ballots. He won multible law suits in multibale states, judges wouldn't hear, MSM would report and they bankrupted his campaign.. and he needed third partier, 7 of them is what it took for him to get on the ballot.

Most of the people who worked for Nader were like me, former inspectors for county registrar's offices who witnessed stolen elections.

So Ron Paul, I believe, knew all this, and decided that to take a major party, like the GOP, that had open seats and needed new blood as the MSM was propping up the old and tired neocons.. that would be our best chance, and he was correct.