Comment: I used to think like you.

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I used to think like you.

I used to think like you--with your good intentions--and with similar impatience toward negativity, having then been a younger man who had only recently acquired a grain or two of wisdom from life... and I seem to recall telling people around me to "Shut up, and listen to what I have to say!" or some such... because I truly wished to help. Then I grew up.

Granted, we are ALL children; we just grow physically old and get more expensive toys, etc. and become further burdened with greater responsibilities... so on and so forth (And perhaps you are more adult than most of us, seeing as how you strive to detach yourself from the confines of material "stuff".). But it is of CRITICAL importance to enter a conversation (or begin one) with a modicum of respect. Even simply of tone.

Mind you, this I say as much to remind myself as to share a perspective with you, sir! ;) The job is never done!

What would the Founders do?