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gps1976 - I'd say don't get married or wait for a few years

also, research the facts around a marriage license. If I had it to do over again I would probably not get married. For SURE I would not get a marriage liscense. I've been married for 24 years and I've never been happier but I now feel stupid that my wife and I unknowingly entered into a 3 way contract with The State by getting a marriage liscense.

Like RP says, if you want to get married it should be handled by a church or just by having a ceremony in front your friends and family and making a public committment to each other.

By allowing The State to become a part of your marriage (when you voluntarily get a marriage license) have given The State a legal way for them to take your children if they determine you are "unfit" to be a parent.

The dept of children and family services cannot take your children, force them to attend public skeul, or force them to receive vacinations if YOU don't sign a legal document that says they can.

(And for the record, I'm aware that there are always exceptions and since The State uses coercion and violence...they can and will do whatever they want if they really want to) But, most of the time people who have children and did not get a marriage license cannot have their kids taken from them by The State. However, most are tricked into signing a release form or are threatened in some other way into allowing The State to have the final say about things like vaccines, schooling, or if they can be taken from you. But without The State being 1/3 of the of your marriage...its much more difficult for them to force their will on your offspring.

I've certainly advised my daughter to only make a commitment to the man she wants to live the rest of her life with. I remind her constantly that she has to be very careful that she does NOT sign ANYTHING that will create a 3 way union between herself, the man she plans to marry, and The State.