Comment: Has she not seen what you've seen?

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Has she not seen what you've seen?

Or does she just not believe it? My wife was the same way and so I asked her what she would need to see to believe it not knowing how she would answer. When she told me it was so easy to provide it to her that it freaked her out too and she's totally on board now.

I will say this, you can't go hide in a hole. We still go out to eat here and there. Remember that life is killing you everyday. That's just the nature of time. Just try to partake in things like GMO food and and playing outside while they are chemtrail spraying as few times per month as you can without it driving you crazy.

If they want you dead then you will be dead at some point. So enjoy each other when you can. It's better to live a short life having fun and being with the people you love, doing the things you love to do than a long life always staying on guard. For us, this whole awakening has opened us up to so much more than just the bad stuff that is trying to "get us". We now are talking about things like astrology, our spirituality and all sorts of other stuff that has been really fun to learn about.