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Sound familiar?

LIBERTY Political Action Committee
Congressman Ron Paul, Honorary Chairman

Dear ----,

I couldn't help but notice something recently.

On an ill-advised resolution that sailed through the U.S. Senate, my son, Senator Rand Paul, stood up and cast the only "NO" vote.

Of course, I've done that more times than I can count during my Congressional career!

But thanks to the hard work of good folks like you, the times where Rand and I vote alone are becoming ever more rare.

Today, with the November 6 elections rapidly approaching, I'm counting on you to help bring those lonely days to a hard and fast end entirely.

So won't you please agree to help continue our R3VOLUTION by making your most generous contribution to Liberty PAC IMMEDIATELY?

I hope you will.

Time is running out, and in many races, polls are literally deadlocked.

For weeks, the statists have been going all-out to SMEAR pro-liberty candidates in some of the most crucial contests to our movement, including:

*** Michigan, where Kerry Bentivolio came out of nowhere to win a Republican Primary. And, of course, you and I can't forget about proven allies like Congressman Justin Amash;

*** Kentucky, where Thomas Massie is running against a high-powered Democrat county chair and lawyer in a critical open-seat contest;

*** Rhode Island -- a state usually written off by many Republicans -- but where liberty-minded GOP candidate Barry Hinckley is making a strong push just at the right time;

*** Texas, where both Senate candidate Ted Cruz and former Congressman Steve Stockman are fighting to go to Washington, D.C. and stand up for limited government and constitutional principles.

These races – and many more – will be absolutely crucial to continuing our R3VOLUTION.

So I'm counting on you to make your most generous contribution to Liberty PAC TODAY!

As you may know, I started Liberty PAC for one simple reason...

That's to ensure pro-liberty candidates have the funds to fight back against the deep-pocketed Washington, D.C. political establishment.

If you and I don't support candidates who stand with us on critical issues like restoring free markets, sound money, respect for individual liberty, and constitutional principles, we can be sure no one else will!

After all, politicians have learned over the years that joining in with the Big Government establishment means they'll have no trouble raising money.

They just head to New York City, stick their hands out, and come home with tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash from Wall Street fat cats.

All these politicians have to do is keep voting for TRILLIONS in bailouts, debt ceiling hikes, and "stimulus" packages once elected.

Of course, these are also the politicians who fight you and me every step of the way as we try to finally shed some light on the out-of-control Federal Reserve.

This is "politics-as-usual" in Washington, D.C. and it has been for years.

For the sake of our country, for the sake of our kids and grandkids - and for the sake of ourselves – you and I cannot allow this madness to continue.

Today, our nation is over $16 TRILLION in debt, yet so many of my colleagues seem intent on "piling on" with new spending schemes and Big Government boondoggles like "ObamaCare."

Now, more than ever, when statists try to ram bad bills through Congress before they're even read – let alone debated - you and I need more than just one principled Congressman or Senator voting alone.

You and I need the numbers in Congress to DEFEAT these schemes.

And we need the numbers to finally start cutting our federal government down to size and restoring its proper constitutional limits.

I hope you agree.

If you do, I'm counting on you to help me continue the R3VOLUTION today.

My days in Congress are coming to an end, but I'm not about to stop fighting for the principles you and I hold so dear.

The good news is, as I told you about, there are so many wonderful candidates who are ready to continue the battles you and I started.

You and I simply must stand with them during this absolutely critical time.

But there are now just days left before November 6, so please agree to your most generous contribution to Liberty PAC TODAY.

With your generous support, Liberty PAC will make sure the next Congress is filled with more pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Congressmen and Senators!

As I've said time and again, I believe our liberty movement is the future – and that means wonderful things for our country.

With the continued hard work of good folks like you, we will finally succeed in restoring core American principles and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.

But it won't happen without good folks like you working to continue our R3VOLUTION. So please agree to your most generous contribution to Liberty PAC TODAY!

I don't know what you can afford to give right now -- $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25.

Please just give what you can. Every penny you can.

Victories build on victories. Every win you and I have this November will translate into dozens more in the future as our movement grows larger and larger.

And one day, not too long from now, the days of lone votes by pro-liberty Congressmen and Senators will be a distant memory as the America you and I love is finally restored.

But time is running out.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or $35 TODAY!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. I've voted alone more times than I can count during my congressional career, so I think it's high time to send more pro-liberty reinforcements to Washington, D.C.

If you agree, please make your most generous contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or $35 to Liberty PAC TODAY!

With your generous support, Liberty PAC will make sure pro-liberty candidates have the funds to fight back during this most crucial time!