Comment: No she is NOT right

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No she is NOT right

YOU are the one who is right. I feel sorry for you because I too have gone through this and still am, and its getting worse due to all these disasters. It's hard to avoid eating and drinking poisons and toxins, etc... I too have been called paranoid and that I'm losing it. It's hard to go out with friends and I even sometimes get yelled at "DAMMIT Todd! We always have to watch EVERYTHING WE EAT because everything is bad!" or "I'm sick of this shit!!!" This is how get yelled at sometimes when I go shopping or trying to find something to eat at a restaurant. It's a huge burden to live with. I say "Well I'm just trying to avoid poisons and toxins in my food, and this helps you too you know?" I cant help it that I want to stay as healthy as I can, and I want my friends and loved ones to avoid these things as well.

I feel the exact same thing as you. HFCS, GMO's, MSG, fluridation, chlorine, BP Gulf of Mexico contaminated seadfood, now radiation from Fukushima in the Pacific ocean, concentrated in vegtables and other foods from HI, CA, WA, and other western states(not as bad in eastern US), etc... The list is becoming endless. It is true everything you say man. Just be patient and do what you can. I quit using microwave a long time ago btw. The night I found out about GMOs I was livid and threw out ALL GMOs in the cabinets and refrigerator. This was hundreds of dollars worth of food. Let's just say my roommate was pissed at me for months.

And I agree, once your awake you CANT go back. But understand it may be hard, but you are a blessed person if you are actually awake and aware. I get so mad watching tv and listening to the news now. My roommate and some of my friends and family also complain about how I always have to bring up deep/dark topics and debunk things.

Oh the one last thing I want to add is that at least my closest loved ones and friends are becomming like me slowly but surely. They may get frustrated with me but now they too want to avoid these things, just not as determined about it as me. lol so thats a good thing.