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Comment: I am pro-choice

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I am pro-choice

I support Ron Paul because with that issue as the sole exception, he was simply by far the best on every issue. I believe strongly in a woman's right to choose, but I believe even more strongly that we shouldn't have a socialist/corporatist police state. I was therefore able to ignore our disagreement on this one issue to support Dr. Paul. Now, I support Gary Johnson. I agree with GJ on the abortion issue, but I think he is not as good as RP on every other issue.

But I do want to stress again that my approach to GJ is not "lesser of three evils." GJ is the "most likely of goods." The way Obama supporters like to talk about being "better off than 4 years ago," my rule for presidential candidates is "will you be better off 4 years from now". With GJ, we would be. With Obama/Romney, we would not be. Therefore, GJ is a good, the others are evils. Full disclosure: at the very beginning, I liked Gary best out of the GOP candidates, but after seeing RP speak and first coming on the DP and learning about a bunch of other issues, I shifted my support to RP. Now, I shift it back to GJ because RP is no longer a candidate for president.