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They won't

How long does someone need to be around to understand, that if we want change, we need to become that change. Ron Paul picked the GOP as the arena for the fight. You either get in the fight with Ron Paul, or DO WHAT YOU WANT.

We have a job to do in the GOP despite Romney. It's not about Romney. That's what I don't get? How do you figure it's about Romney? We all see Romney for what he is.. so? It's about taking a majior party.. the old tired neocons are leaving. The tea partiers, earthquakers, constitutionalists (Chuck Baldwin returned to the GOP) RP CANs are coming in, adn we're all equals, none of us wanted Romney. We all agree America has lost it's way and we need to restore the Republic.. so we have plenty pof work to do despite Romney. All this focus on the presidential race is BS. We have many liberty candidates that no one is helping.. what's up with that? This is why I'm not a grassroots fan... this is why I say, what good is grassroots? Who are the grassroots helping? Maybe John Dennis.. Maybe.

Presidents are selected. Don't we get that? WTF?????

Romney is going to win with 22% of the electoral vote. That's all it's going to take. Obama knows Romney is going to win. So our fight in the GOP is for control.