Comment: Educate and let them make their own decisions

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Educate and let them make their own decisions

Be the example. Praise when they choose correctly. Express disappointment followed by encouragement when they choose poorly. Incentivize good behavior if you must. Show them the great alternative foods choices available to them. Eat them yourself and offer them to your family regularly. Don't get frustrated if they refuse at first. Every persistent offer will bring them that much closer. Make those foods more appealing than the harmful ones. 9/10(source:myself) people will eat the food that's most readily available and convenient for them. Have it near ready to eat, in the cupboards and the fridge, on the table in their lunch sacks. Soon they will grow accustomed to it and actually request it. Patience, long suffering, love, example and optimistic persistence is the key. Demanding, forcing, ranting, criticizing, forbidding, ridiculing, arguing and fighting even if you are right will never persuade anyone and will only steel them against you. Keep at it, they'll come around. Good luck my friend.