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Good for you OriginalEMZ

I remember eating 4-5 times per day. Rice, beans, raw vegetables, juice, almond milk, fruit, nuts and I was always hungry. After changing I went from 165lbs to 123lbs in a few months and I assume my body was ejecting all the junk that a high fat diet allows to happen. I have since gone back up to 150lbs. Fat is the compound that allows our body to chelate out the junk. What junk? Mercury, lead, fluoride and decades worth of junk food and its waste that are stored in our cells waiting for the right condition to exit. If the right condition does not come along we end up with cancer, diabetes, etc. And all of these conditions are our body trying to get clean.

Alone? Yeah baby it feels that way sometimes. And here is what keeps me going. My daughters health and this little quote: "we are born alone, live alone and die alone and if you can find a few really good people to hang with great, but it is not necessary".

I'm going to hold you to the "never ever" thing.