Comment: Why Mitt MIGHT be better than Obomber

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Why Mitt MIGHT be better than Obomber

After 4 years of Obama, there is more than enough proof that he is a complete establishment toady who does the will of the powers-that-be. So it's clear what Obama is all about. Mitt, of course, SAYS whatever he thinks the establishment wants to hear mixed in with some partisan political demagoguery which he thinks is palatable enough to be absorbed by the mainstream. The question is, in his heart of hearts, does Mitt have an independent streak which will reveal itself once elected? We know by now Obama doesn't.

I think Ron Paul may vote for Romney simply because they are on friendly terms and under the Barry Goldwater theory that you elect them first and then try to twist their arms. RP may get Romney's ear on certain subjects while he will never get Obama's.