Comment: You must be confusing Duesberg with someone else

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You must be confusing Duesberg with someone else

Duesberg has never said that HIV is man made. He, along with many other world renowned medical researchers, say that "AIDS" is either not caused by HIV at all, or is caused by HIV along with other contributing factors. AIDS is just a new term to describe old diseases or a combination of old diseases. Some scientists actually say that there's no real evidence that HIV even exists. Duesberg is among a group of pioneering scientists at UC Berkeley that actually discovered the retrovirus (HIV is among the family of retroviruses). Duesberg states in his book (and proves through his own research) that the retrovirus is a harmless passenger virus that couldn't possibly make you sick, much less kill you. Duesberg is not "full of shit," his work has appeared in the most reputable scientific publications (New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, Nature, etc.). If you read his book, which I think you'd find fascinating, you'll have a much better understanding of not only his professional opinion on this issue, but also of how very politicized science and medicine are. Duesberg points out that the most prescribed "medication" for AIDS patients is AZT (Zidovudine, which has many different pharmaceutical names -- it's basically chemotherapy, only more toxic), and that many of the side effects listed in the PDR are identical to symptons of AIDS. Needless to say, such info. could really cut into pharmaceutical profits and the whole mainstream medical industry came down on him hard (no more research grants for you, professor Duesberg).

Burzynski has been curing people with cancer for over a decade with his antineoplaston therapy...if "no one else has been able to replicate his clinical findings," perhaps they're not trying very hard. In fact, the FDA has raided his clinic many times, confiscating medical files, medicine, computers. Didn't you know that curing cancer is illegal in America??

And it is a fact that the Rockefellers have had a huge effect on medicine in this country, they own all the drug companies as well.

I don't want to argue with you, but I am surprised that many people on DP who know how corrupt the system is can have so much faith in mainstream science and medicine. "Global warming science" is another case in point -- you don't believe in that, do you? When the ruling class took over money, media, politics, education, do you really believe that they somehow overlooked science and medicine?

I hope you read Duesberg's book.