Comment: So.....what you're saying're afraid

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So.....what you're saying're afraid

And we are just making you more fearful. Ok. I get that. Remember this feeling you have because every time you try to wake up some sheeple like person out of their mainstream media coma to tell them about 911 and the inside job, you are causing them fear. You are telling them that the government they trust is corrupt. You are telling them that the ground is moving and the sky is an illusion and that nothing is as it seems. That's exactly why people immediately call you a kook, a fear peddler, and a conspiracy nut while rolling their eyes at you. This is why they immediately then stick their fingers in their ears and sing la la la until you (a big meany truth teller) goes away.

What you are saying is people here are making you afraid. You're afraid they actually might be right about some of this stuff. You can either investigate it properly and decide for yourself or you can stick your fingers in your ears and hope we (more big meany truth tellers) fade away.

But I get it. People can only take so much before they need to dive headfirst into a dumpster of cotton, hoping to hang on to their sanity.