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Yo Mark

Actually my shit is much better and thank you. Another symptom of junk food is a poor elimination system. Constipation, diarrhea, long times on potty and lots of TP. Some of us now like Gary Johnson and he has Celiac Disease and another disease of junk food. That broken leg bone he advertises (think poor mineral absorption). Even the good doctor has a knee replacement. He promotes raw milk which I believe is superior to processed.

Let me make this clear. It takes two to say yes to marriage and only one to say yes to divorce. I didn't choose it, she did. Have you ever tried to change the mind of a person unduly influenced by junk food? Give it a shot sometime. You can test my theory by convincing one of your democrat friends the value of RP. Let us know how it comes out. It's possible but not everyone you speak too will get it.

Was it worth it. Even though I didn't do it? I'll write "yes" because I now get to be myself and feed my daughters (half time) real food. My former father in law has buried 2 daughters at 49 & 55 years old.