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hey buddy

Why don't you have the kids pick what candies they like, you as a family make the candy homemade out of pure cane sugar, let the kids go out for halloween, throw away the bad candy, and fill their bags with the homemade candy for them to eat. The red pill, can be pretty devastating, but don't allow it to become arguments, practice self discipline, pick your battles and come up with creative solutions that make both you and your wife happy. Soda stream is a good solution for those soda lovers, there are limitless ways to apply the free market principles we stand behind into our everyday lives. I will tell you this, being in the liberty movement is a lonely decision, losing your wife over quasi understandings of issues and allowing a difference in opinion to bubble into fights is not only selfish, but the loneliest decision you can make. best of luck.

You just got PAULED!