Comment: Herman Smith - What now? Education and teaching others.

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Herman Smith - What now? Education and teaching others.

The only way to get out of the situation we have allowed ourselves to get in, is to do lots of research and to figure out different ways to help others understand what's going on. You have to use different methods with different people and the reality of our situation is so unbelievable that nearly everyone immediately dismisses what you tell them. The information they have been subjected to is "so impossible" in their minds that not only will they refuse to do any research, they will dig in their heels and proclaim STRONG support of the current system. Almost without exception the average American will defend the criminals that have stolen our country will all the fervor that a mother would use to defend her innocent child.

So, it takes some time, but once we start educating our friends and family to the fact that the people in power are imposters who have essentially transformed the American Government into nothing more than a criminal enterprise run by an illegitmate group of very wealthly individuals...SLOWLY, as people continued to educate themselves they would start refusing to give the criminals more money and would no longer feel obligated to follow the illegal rules and regulations that the criminals tell them to follow.

People have got to spend a lot of time researching what's been going on since 1913. People have got to stop being so afraid of the criminals that have taken charge of Americas vital institutions and using them for personal gain and to enslave the masses. Until a large enough group of the population stops voluntarily sending their money to the criminals...the criminals will have no incentive to move on to some other racket. Receiving our funding and giving their "leadership" sanction by following their directives and doing things they tell us to do like voting or sending our young people off to "war" in the middle east lets the criminals know that "we the people" are STILL unaware of the the 100 year scam.

Our country was overtaken by a gang of crooks using a very well thought out plan that is disguised by a laundry list of false and misleading concepts that most people believe are real. They wrap many of their criminal activities in the American Flag and use patriotism to help create psychological barriers in the minds of the many. People that have "awoken" or begin to see what has happened are attacked by those still unwilling or unable to connect the dots.

With any luck, the looming Global Financial Crisis will rattle some cages and wake up enough people who will then choose to stop supporting the criminals and listening to their demands. The begining of the end to the tyranical situation we have found ourselves in will be when a large enough group of people voluntarily decide to STOP giving their money and their permission to the criminals who have systematically destroyed America.