Comment: This spin conceals the origins of two party system

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This spin conceals the origins of two party system

These figures are typical of polling where, in legal terms, ballots are used to defeat the franchise". The "no effect on vote" spin reflects the simple fact that governments everywhere use ballots to defeat the franchise by having ballots which do not provide for voting against candidates. The reason is obvious when you add the 47% to each other count. 18+47% means 65% would vote against Romney. 35+47% means 82% would vote against Obama.

There have been several suppressed court cases since the one in 1919 when when the judge voided a disputed election using the words: The ballot exists to protect the franchise and must not be used to defeat it. Since [at least] then the origins of two party system have been suppressed by all mass media, but the evidence is spreading via the Internet.

End the fraud - report the Fed and its complicit media to an FBI office near you. For more details go here: