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Yes you do care. Don't lie to me.

You are supporting Obama by default.

Writing in Ron Paul or voting third party defaults FOR Obama.

The GOP is not listening for any message. They have a message for you: GO AWAY! WE LIKE BEING SMALL WITH TONS OF POWER TO DO WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE WANT, & HOW WE WANT.

The GOP is not seeking respect they are seeking POWER.. GLOBAL POWER for a very few people. It is up to us to STOP them on their race to become gloabl dominators by holding them to the constitution. That is the solution. Anything else is empowering them while defaulting for Obama.

Baldwin rejoined the GOP. GJ is a Republican who accepted the LP nomination. The LP has no rules that say you must be a Libertarian and why they nominate GOP losers for losers.