Comment: Hey, I'm that wife and I'll tell you . . .

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Hey, I'm that wife and I'll tell you . . .

Soon after we got married in 1991 my husband wanted to put dry texured vegetable protien into our LDS food storage. I could see that soon I would be cooking it so that it could be rotated and not wasted. I blocked that one sucsessfully, wineing that I wanted to eat fresh meats and not all this dried food. I, on the other hand, freaked out when he was giving our baby honey graham crackers because I heard that some honey somewhere was tainted.

Fast Forward to 2008 when he introduced me to Ron Paul - that was an easy transition, I even pulled ahead of him, made him become a PCP with me, and I went to the RNC as an Oregon Delegate (without him - he refused to stomach the contention)BTW Oregon Delivers! About the time we become PCP's he starts to go Paleo with his new hero Mark's Daily Apple (he wants me to read it but I don't want to). All the kids are home around the dinner table and he is there telling us all how sugar causes cancer, how the bread products are toxic, and how it is better to drink your water at room temperature. I'm thinging GEEEEE, we already buy "happy" meat from New Seasons, have chickens, and only drink water. PLEASE, but he kept eating that way, trying to stay away from the potatoes, corn, tortillas, buns.

After the RNC I was so upset, I decided to protest diet and now I am day 36 Primal and lost 10 pounds already. If you are around someone long enough it does sink in, so keep being that person in their space that has better habits - at least she is tethered to you. There is hope because you and your healthy ways aren't going anywhere! Try doing a mini toy shop or fruit stand for your kids to trade their Halloween candy in for. No force, just good humor. The kids would LOVE to have chickens (my husband kept saying we were going to get them - finally I put my foot down and said we could only get them BEFORE the kids all started leaving home - oldest was 14 at the time - so that they would benefit too)

I think I am mostly on board now (we are working on solar panels now) but he doesn't like me to call it a diet - "it's a way of eating" and I say, Sorry but I LOVE chocolate - even though I can't eat it!