Comment: What is the mechanism for its harm

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What is the mechanism for its harm

The economic harm is egregious.

I am in no position to vouch for the European Commission Directorate-General's conclusion.

However their stated purpose is to:

To counterbalance the predicted increase in the world population to up to nine billion people by 2050, and the related implication of climate change, science has to develop technologies that increase yields and productivity in a sustainable way, while lowering the demand for fertilisers and pesticides, and adapting crops to match the effects of changes in the environment.

This is a policy report not a scientific study on the effects of GMO on individuals health and longevity.

"peer-reviewed scientific publications, will be invaluable
to researchers in public institutions as well as to experts in
risk assessment and risk management".

Here my assessment as a customer. It is too risky, risk managed.

Free includes debt-free!