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Accepting your argument,

what Monsanto has done with the technology is offensive on every level, legally, politically, scientifically, commercially. They're arguably the world's worst corporate citizen. I don't understand how you could be drawn to Dr. Paul, and then ride to the defense over and again of a monopolist, corporatist bully. It's not like they haven't earned the reputation. They send legal teams against family farms with this argument: If my crop pollinates with yours, I own all of your crop, and you owe me licensing fees, because I own the organism. They destroy researchers who simply conduct and publish independent studies (that's why there are none). They buy influence at the highest levels of government, globally, for market advantage. They spend billions to control the public narrative, and to prevent the public from the simple knowledge that they are buying and consuming their product. They're the nastiest of the nasty. Even without considering the science, you seem misinformed.