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you trying to show how 60-70 floors were still standing with that link you provided, because I didn't see anything on that page showing what you are referring to.

I haven't followed every single comment on this thread as I have engaged in many of these debates years ago, and it really accomplishes nothing. Until someone is ready to take legal action against those who are deemed suspicious, then we are basically spinning our wheels here.

I'd hope we can all agree that the initial investigation was a coverup. What exactly they were covering up is the question. Some argue ineptitude, and some argue complicity. I'd bet that if 6 out of the 10 detectives investigating a murder case of one of your loved ones came back to you and said things like "sorry, they decided not to tell us the truth about what happened that day" or one of them resigned and called his own investigation a 'National scandal" then you would be pretty upset. I would also imagine that if 2 of the main suspects in the case were able to stall the investigation, and then get special privileges like not having to testify under oath, or separately, then you would be even more suspicious. The truth does not fear investigation.

The thing I have noticed in the few of your interactions on this thread, is that you seem to zero in on a particular piece of the puzzle without looking at the larger picture. That may be the reason for some of the frustration.

There are at least 150 valid questions relating to 9/11, so I don't particularly have a problem with questions. Maybe you could provide a photo, and I would do my best to interpret what I see. The page you linked to (even though I scanned over it) seems to make a pretty solid case for controlled demolition.