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Interestingly enough, I

Interestingly enough, I recently saw someone on a forum looking for a particular book. I happen to own this book(illustrated science fiction story/facts, nothing interesting unless you are into scifi stuff) and I was intrigued that someone was looking for one. I looked it up and as it turns out, it had gone out of print a couple years ago and while I had bought it for $30, it is now worth over $100.(although I suppose the $$ has lost alot of value since then) Found out that another book I have has a similiar story.('Lost Science', very interesting)
I have decided to keep them for now because even if the dollar goes down the drain, people in other countries will still have money to spend. Plus, demand for various trinkets and collectable stuff never really goes out of style, even when the economy sucks.
Although really, I dont think I would ever trade them off unless things got rather dire.
Anyway, half my point is to check your house for stuff that has been laying around for a while, as you never know if something may have increased in value to a few people.

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