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Comment: I'm saying the article can

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I'm saying the article can

I'm saying the article can only make their argument using bogus data. With valid data their argument falls apart.

I'm saying that you can go to CME's website and look at the time&sales and see that there was NO WHERE CLOSE to the volume that the article spouts out. Only by using bogus data....

The front month, Dec 12, has probably 90% of the trading volume, that's where you'd begin looking. The other contract months/years all had less than 1000 contracts all day long, all but one had less than 500.

I'm saying, why would you read from a website that has the resources to check such things, just as you do, but instead of bothering to do so they just print up bogus articles meant to suggest something that is blatantly false, knowing full well that the majority of their readers don't know where or how to check the data themselves. When you consider it, what they are doing is a blatant full on lie aimed at the gullible consumer. Manipulation is their scape goat when they predict Silver to soar, convincing thousands to buy, and then price plummets..."Those damn manipulators...".

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