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For those of you who are voting for Gary Johnson

Why are you not voting for Ron Paul? Let me answer my own question. You are not voting for Ron Paul because he is not on the ballet.

Okay, why is Ron Paul not on the ballet? Let me again answer my own question. RP is not on the ballet because rules were violated by the Romney Campaign and Ron Paul delegates/supporters were regularly ignored, treated unfairly, physically assaulted, etc.

An unknown number of votes for Ron Paul were not counted. Many were disallowed. Some were "lost". Ron Paul Delegates were not treated according to the rules as they were written in the rule book. The RNC CHANGED the rules SPECIFICALLY to marginalize Ron Paul just days before the RNC.

There are many documented accounts of illegal procedures used at local precincts to negatively affect Ron Pauls vote totals. Intentional efforts were made by the RNC to make it impossible for Ron Paul to be nominated at the convention.

There can be NO DOUBT that Ron Paul was not allowed by TPTB to have any chance at being nominated as the Republican Canidate for President.

Explain to me, after watching "The Nomination Process" and Dr Paul being systematically eliminated from contention by whatever means necessary, YOU THINK FOR 1 SECOND, that your vote for Gary Johnson will amount to ANYTHING more than TPTB laughing and joking amoungst themselves about how incredibly stupid so many of their tax livestock really are?

So brainwashed are some, so gulible are the mindless serfs, that right after Ron Paul has his campaign ended through unabashed and nationally broadcast telepromter confirmed FRAUD, there are STILL some tax livestock that will keep on sticking their hand into the blender and praying for a miracle that THIS TIME, THIS NEXT VOTE, TPTB will FINALLY allow the votes for a libertarian canidate with polar opposite views of the establish, to be accuratedly counted and if he wins the most votes, he will allowed to become PRESIDENT!

Wake up to what you already know. Stop wasting your time with pointless fantasys. We need to use all of our combined brain power to figure out a way to regain control of our country from the tyrants. Since your on this site you should be more aware than most that tyrants do NOT allow their serfs to VOTE themselves FREE.

The winner of the 2012 Election HAS BEEN PRE-DETERMINED. YOU KNOW THIS!