Comment: Why do they test GMO on mice...?

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Why do they test GMO on mice...?

It's because they are very close genetically to humans.

You have no idea what I know.

You are the one, actually, who has shown no proof that
GMO is safe for humans.

Maybe you should do some research into eugenics, and population control.

"YOU DO REALIZE THIS IS CRAZY, RIGHT? This is exactly the kind of 'conspiracy theory' NWO order nonsense that is embarrasing certain people in the liberty movement."

Your lame labels don't really work anymore.

What's "crazy" is a company that would sell seeds that were genetically designed to terminate after one season, thus
ensuring anyone buying them would have to continue buying them
to continue to be able to grow a crop.
They are called Terminator seeds.

If GMO is so healthy, why is it banned in so many Countries?
Why have GMO crops been burned and Monsanto driven out of Countries
if it's so good and wonderful?
...Let me guess, they must all be suffering some mass delusion huh?
Case after case of livestock and people getting sick and dying
after they start using GMO.

lol...whatever. Maybe it's embarrassing you.

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