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could it be???

Is granger here getting us all fired up to write in for Ron Paul? She comes on here and makes completely assinine statements like, "romney winning empowers Ron Paul republicans" all the time, she gets downvoted like nobody else, and her arguments are so completely opposite of what a true patriot would think.

maybee she is using reverse pyschology on all of us. man...she's not really as retarded as we all think! She's been playing us to get us to all write about how horrible romney is and getting us to use logical arguments that others will read and learn from.

and all she has to do is make a few, completely illogical arguments, written with horrible grammer and spelling, and call reasonable people nasty names, and she gets us all to put out the message of what a dick romney is and how anything except voting for romney is a better option.

i finally get it. wow. i'm almost speechless.