Comment: Ron Paul voted for Eisenhower.

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Ron Paul voted for Eisenhower.

If Eisenhower were on the GOP ballot instead of Romney, most of the people that claim they supported Ron Paul but, aren't voting for Romney wouldn't vote for Eisenhower either. Why? Because like you said, another R will not save us. Eisenhower did next to nothing to roll back the New Deal. But, Conservative Republicans like Ron Paul and most likely the rest of his family vote for him because they knew that he at least wouldn't make any FURTHER incisions into the free market and at least wouldn't declare war on the Constitution like the majority of the Democratic Party.

I don't expect Romney to "save us," but, I do expect him to roll back government to where it was economically in 2008 and keep it there until we can grow our numbers enough to get a real classic liberal elected president.