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There is no secret

Just wondering what it would take to satisfy you this time. Been down a similar road with you once before, nothing ever seems good enough for you or you babble on about BS like who has done more.
Thus I hesitate to bother with it again as I have no interest in such nonsensical BS...

All I care about is people do something. I don't give a crap what it is they do. If all people do is vote for a Liberty Candidate, it is enough for me. I don't need to quiz them as if it means anything to the discussion at hand..

So when I point something out to you, or I point out what you said does not mean crap as to how one votes in the General and you come back with a "What have you done lately" deflection, naturally my inclination is that you are FOS...

So I ask, will an answer to this one question satisfy you? Or are you going to proceed into a 20 question quiz of pure deflection to see who has the biggest tally-whacker?